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The Original Octocurl® is a headband with 8 sets of double strips allowing you to curl, wrap, bend, twist, stretch, & braid your hair into countless types of curls & waves.

The headband offers styling options for creating volume in the crown area. See our tutorials for placement options and styling methods.


HEALTHY: No damage heatless method - all hair types. The satin version is the most gentle and works great for natural, textured, or damaged hair. Also available in absorbent microfiber and versatile cotton poplin. Comparison Chart

VERSATILE: Use 2-4 strips for soft loose curls, 1 strip for spirals or twist outs, wrap tightly for hair stretch, braid for beach waves + more. Check Instagram for tips & styling options for different hair lengths & types.  Instagram

COMFORTABLE: Soft, fabric only construction. Use overnight or enjoy your day at home while styling your hair. FAQ

FAST & EASY: Octocurl® can also be used with a hair dryer (low air) as a low-heat method. One piece design is great for kids - instructions included. Tutorials

Reversible Pillowcase for Wet or Dry Hair

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    The strips are shorter (7" which is 3" shorter than the standard length) and work best for hair shoulder length and above. Short options

  • hair curlers heatless curls hair rollers for short hair curls curlers for long hair loose curls soft


    The strips are 10" long which are designed for hair shoulder length to mid-back. Standard options

  • heatless hair curler hair curlers to sleep in heatless curlers hair rollers heatless curls headband


    The strips are longer (13" which is 3" longer than the standard length) and work best for hair past mid-back.  Extra Long (17")  comes in Cotton Poplin and Satin. Long options

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Voted the #1 Heatless Curlers by the legendary Kayley Melissa!