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Cotton Poplin Prints

Our Cotton Poplin Octocurl® is a great balance between the absorbency of microfiber and smoothness of satin. If you are unsure which one to try, this could be it!

It's available in standard, short, and long!

Plus the prints are pretty!

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Voted the #1 heatless curlers by the legendary YouTuber Kayley Melissa!

Smooth & Gentle Satin

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Heat tools can be very hard on hair.  Even if you love your blowouts and are not ready to go heatless 100% of the time, alternating with a natural styling method can make a big difference in the health of your hair.  

Or maybe you want to break free from heat tools altogether!  If that's the case, the versatility of Octocurl® may just be your solution.

Octocurl® comes in 3 fabric choices: Microfiber, Satin, and Cotton Poplin. Let me see -->

Not sure which one to choose? We made a cheat sheet for that!

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This is fantastic for curling my daughter's straight hair, and protecting my curly hair for sleep. It's super easy to use, extremely comfortable, and it gives us both hairstyles that we like!


This is probably the quickest and easiest way I have found to wake up and go to work with quick and tamed hair! Other options are too time consuming to take out in the morning.

Chelsea V.

Perfect for hair when u sleep. Curl as you sleep.

Jazzmin R.

Used this on my niece’s hair. Her hair is very thick and coarse. Worked great!!! She said she didn’t even notice it in while she slept.


I loved how octocurl was so simple to use - and the end result was beautiful wavy curls! This makes my hair routine much more manageable.



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