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Flexi Curlers (set of 6)

Flexi Curlers (set of 6)

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HEATLESS CURLS: Flexible soft wire integrated flexi rod curlers with elastic straps on both ends for convenience and versatility. The wire allows you to bend the curlers in any shape for different types of heat-free curls, waves, and volume.

HEATLESS BLOWOUT: Strap 2 (or more) together using the elastic straps and roll along the crown area for a Heatless Blowout. This method produces a lot of volume and soft loose curls. See video tutorial for step by step.


COTTON POPLIN - Has absorbent properties to help hair dry and not as slippery as satin. Works well for all normal hair types. Choose the satin option if your hair is dry, damaged, or textured.

SATIN - The most gentle fabric option for dry, damaged, or textured hair. A texturizing styling product or sea salt spray might be needed to add some grip if your hair is silky smooth.

STYLE OPTIONS: Wrap hair sections on a diagonal for loose curls or on a horizontal for tighter spiral curls. You can also attach 2 or more flexi curlers together to create volume. Instructions included. Patent Pending.

1) HEATLESS WAND CURLS - Create modern vertical barrel-style curls without the damaging heat by securing one end of the hair roller at the root. Wrap hair as you would with a curling wand leaving ends loose and secure with elastic strap.

2) FLEXI ROD CURLS - Perform like flexi rods, but softer and more comfortable. Style curls all the way to the root positioned exactly where you want them. Add volume in the crown area by rolling the curlers at the root for a Heatless Blowout.  Fold the ends of the flexible curlers to secure.

3) PONYTAIL CURLS - Easy quick curls by making a ponytail and wrapping a few sections. Adds volume and definition to a ponytail or messy bun.

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