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How do I secure the ends of my hair?

There are a few different methods for securing the ends of your hair depending on the look you are going for. This is a great overview:

Securing Ends Overview -->

Here is the standard method to protect ends from crimping:

Standard Method Quick -->

Standard Method in Detail -->

If you like the modern look with straight ends, you can use a flattening iron like this customer does:

Flat Iron Ends -->

Or you can use damp fingers to smooth ends after you unwrap like this customer does:

Dampen Ends After Unwrapping -->

And here is a great method to give the ends a little bend while also protecting them:

Ends With a Smooth Bend -->

Does it create kinks or dents in my curls/waves?

Because Octocurl doesn't require pins or clips this isn't an issue as with other types of curlers/rollers.  A few tips:

Make sure the ends of your hair are pulled out from the elastic at the end of the strip.  Sometimes it can help to fold the strip over the ends of your hair before securing with the elastic loop.  This protects the hair with a layer of fabric under the elastic.

Does the headband leave a mark?

This depends on your hair texture, but if you find it to be a problem here are a few options.

Switch your part slightly before you wrap your hair with Octocurl.  Once you release the strips, you can recreate your part covering any mark from the headband.

Section off the crown before placing Octocurl.  Release the crown and wrap hair around the strips as usual.  With this method the headband is underneath a layer of hair so any marks won't be seen. Use slightly damp hands to smooth any marks.

If you are concerned about the front elastic leaving a mark on your forehead, make sure you push the elastic all the way up to your hairline. You can even push it to the top of your head or unsnap and remove it once you are finished wrapping.

Do I wrap with my hair dry, damp or wet?

If your hair is curl resistant, it's important to wrap your hair while it is slightly damp.  If it's too wet, it will take much longer to dry. Curls set by allowing hair to go from damp to completely dry (or warm to cool which is how heat hair tools work).

If you need to speed up the drying time, you can use a hair dryer on low heat and low air... no longer a totally "heatless" method, but still less heat, right?  Keeping the air flow low will ensure you do not tangle fine hair in the microfiber.

If your hair curls easily, you can try wrapping dry with some styling product or a light spritz of water (flairosol bottles work great).

How do I secure the strips?

Wrap the elastic loops around the ends of your hair and let the strips hang to dry.

To keep the wraps more secure for a tighter curl, tuck the end of the strip into the top of the headband or twist the strips to create mini buns/bantu knots.

What curls/waves are possible?

Octocurl is extremely versatile.  During product testing, we were continually coming up with new methods for curling, wrapping, bending, twisting, braiding, etc.  To see options for different hair types, check out YouTube and Instagram.

It's fun to experiment and play with options.  There is an instruction booklet included to get you started.

Can I achieve modern looking heatless curls?

Keep your sections flat as you wrap... just like you would do with a curling wand.  The neater your wrap, the better the result because your hair will dry/set in the position you place it.

Once you unwrap, try to resist fussing with your hair too much right away which can create flyaways/frizz and reduce the definition in your curls/waves. Your hair will soon smooth and settle after you release it from the strips.

How can I get the curls to start higher up?

Adjust the headband to the smallest setting and place Octocurl on the top of your head like a flower crown. It might feel a little unstable at first, but once you start wrapping it will be secure. You can use a few clips if needed while you are wrapping.

Or try our "No Headband Octocurl".

Does it work with short hair?

We have versions with shorter strips which are designed specifically for hair shoulder length and above.

What about long hair?

We have versions with longer strips which are designed specifically for hair past mid back.

In order to fit the entire length of your hair, start the wraps high up on the strip and keep the wraps close together.  As you work towards the back of your head, it helps to pull the strip out as you wrap so you can see what you are doing.

Can I use Octocurl with layers?

For layers, it helps to twist the hair section before wrapping.  This keeps the layers intact with the wrap.

Another method is to wrap the hair around a single strip and secure.  Then take the second strip and wrap it around the first strip to hold the layers in place.

What does it feel like?

Octocurl is made with a fabric only construcion so it is soft, unlike most curlers/rollers.  Once in, it feels like having your hair in a headband, pony, or bun depending on which method you choose.

You might even forget you have it in... especially if you tuck the strips up into the headband or create mini buns/bantu knots which keeps the wraps secure and out of the way.

Does it really work overnight?

Yes!  Here are a few tips:

Use the crown lift method listed in the instruction booklet.  With this method, you put rollers (our Flexi Curlers work great) in the crown after styling the rest of your hair with the strips.  This method protects the crown while you sleep.

Switch your part to the opposite side before you style with Octocurl.  In the morning when you adjust your part, you will cover up the area that was exposed to the pillow.

Some women lay the strips out behind them on their pillow so they are not sleeping on top of them.

Using damp hands &/or styling product to smooth the crown before removing Octocurl can make a big difference as well. No matter what you have to do, it's minimal compared to starting styling from scratch!

How long do the curls/waves last?

This really depends on your hair type.  Some find that heatless curls last longer, but the hair must completely dry for the curls/waves to set.

Styling products for your hair type also make a big difference.
If you want to style your hair with Octocurl and have it last for 2-3 days, try wrapping tighter &/or with smaller sections.  You will have tighter curls on day 1 which will loosen up by day 2.  Your hair may still even have some added volume and texture on day 3.  Again, every hair type responds differently, but this is something worth considering if you really want to go easy!

Can Octocurl be washed?

Yes. Place Octocurl in a mesh lingerie bag and wash in warm water using the gentle cycle. You can dry it using the dryer on low heat if you keep the Octocurl in the lingerie bag. Or simply remove it from the lingerie bag and hang Octocurl to dry.