I created this product out of a personal need.  I've never liked using heat on my hair... I'm lazy/busy (does that make any sense?) and my hair is already prone to frizz so drying it out only makes matters worse.

Because of this, I used to wash my hair at night and twist it up into a microfiber turban to dry my hair overnight while creating some waves.

There were only 2 problems: 

1)  It always fell off.

2)  I wanted more curls.

So early summer of 2017 I started playing around with the idea of sewing strips onto a headband. All summer I tested options and methods by curling, wrapping, bending, twisting, braiding, etc.  

And now here we are... I'm bringing it to you with the hope that it will allow you to go easy too!

- Carolyn Searle

easy overnight beach waves