Product Testing

These are photos taken while testing this concept... mostly all in the summer of 2017.  I am surprised with how many pictures I took of my hair! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I was obsessed with this idea and felt compelled to test, test, test!

I would use single strips, double strips, quadruple strips... I wrapped, curled, twisted, bent, braided.  I let the strips hang down to dry.  I twisted them into mini buns/bantu knots.

I air dried. Slept in it. Blow dried.  One time I even left Octocurl in for 36 hours to see how curly I could get my hair.  In case you are wondering, it was not my best look!

Before Pictures

My hair in its natural state... fine, medium thickness, some wave, prone to frizz, etc.

natural healthy long hairNatural hair with some waves

1st Prototype

Made by a seamstress in my town. One of my 1st attempts wrapping with single strips... 

heatless natural hair curlsWrapping hair for rag curls.

results from this early attempt...

Overnight heat free curls and waves.Sleep in curlers for healthy hair styling.

2nd Prototype

Trying braiding hair into the strips for beachy waves... wore for a few hours during the day & results below right.

Overnight beach waves.Beachy waves without the use of heat.

Crown lift method using rollers along the top and then wrapping hair around double strips for loose curls at the bottom.

Hair rollers on top for volume and loose curls underneath.Healthy hair styling methods and tips.

3rd Prototype

Testing with strips down for loose curls & strips tucked up for tighter curls.

Headband curlers to sleep in.Rag curls for natural healthy curls and waves.

Car Selfies

This was my way to keep track of different styling methods.

Wrap hair around double strips to achieve soft loose no heat curls.Healthy hair using heat free curlers.
How to create curls overnight.No heat hair styling overnight method.
Soft comfortable hair rollers.Soft comfortable hair curlers.
Overnight easy hair curls.Hair rollers for long hair.
Hair styling without the use of heat.How to use heatless headband curls.
Natural healthy hair styling and curling.How to curl hair overnight.

Beach waves overnight long hair.How to create beachy waves without the use of heat.

Having fun!

And then sometimes it didn't work out or I needed a break so I would be playful with my hair!

Hair styling for healthy hair.Heatless hair curlers for natural hair.

During this time, I got made fun of a lot!  This is my son who was in the car with me when I picked up one of the prototypes.  And below right is a family friend (he has FIVE daughters) who just couldn't resist trying on Octocurl.  Why?  I do not know ;)

heatless curls that are comfortableOvernight curling methods.