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Savanna Hair Co. - Octocurl®

NO HEADBAND OCTOCURL - Satin Gentle Fabric - Soft Hair Curlers

NO HEADBAND OCTOCURL - Satin Gentle Fabric - Soft Hair Curlers

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NO HEADBAND: This Octocurl version was created without a headband so you can start your curls as high up as you like. Simply place the top horizontal strip along your part line and secure on one side while you wrap the curlers on the other side.

SATIN: Gentle on natural, wavy, textured, or frizzy hair types… smoothing and protecting while creating desired curls or waves.  This is the least absorbent fabric option which can be beneficial if your hair is dry or damaged because it won't pull moisture from your hair.  A texturizing styling product or sea salt spray might be needed to add some grip if your hair is silky smooth.

VERSATILE HAIR STYLING: Features 10 hair rollers (5 on each side). Wrap with 2 or more curlers for voluminous loose curls, 1 curler for spirals or twist outs, or braid for beach waves. For thin hair, unsnap and remove any hair curlers not needed.

FAST & EASY: We created the original octopus curlers for heatless curls on all hair types and lengths. Styling booklet included and tutorials available on our website and social media accounts. Go easy on your hair (and yourself too)! Patent Pending.

Medium Length 12” for hair shoulder length to mid-back or measuring 14"-19" from root to ends. 

Long Hair 15” for hair length past mid-back or measuring 19"-24" from root to ends. 

Short Hair 9” for hair chin to shoulder length or measuring 14" or less from root to ends. 

Also Available in Q-Max Cool Fabric -->

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