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MICROFIBER - Absorbent Grip - Soft Heatless Curlers for Overnight or Day

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Made of microfiber which wicks away dampness allowing hair to dry gently while creating desired curls or waves.  This is a good choice for overnight use because this fabric is the most absorbent.  It is also soft and plush.

If hair is dry, damaged, or tangles easily consider cotton poplin or satin which will pull less moisture out of your hair.  Or consider using the microfiber with a leave-in conditioner to help combat any dryness. 

Curls set best by going from damp to dry.  However, if your hair curls easily, you can also try wrapping with dry hair and leaving it in longer.

The headband size is 19-21" adjustable with a 4" stretch beyond that.

Standard Length

Designed for hair shoulder length to mid-back.  The 10" strips work best for hair shoulder length to mid-back or measuring 14"-19" from root to ends.

Long Hair

The strips are longer and work best for hair length past mid-back.  The 13" strips work best for hair length past mid-back or measure 19"-24" from root to ends.

Short Hair

The strips are shorter and work best for hair shoulder length and above.  The 7" strips work best for hair chin to shoulder length or measure 14" or less from root to ends.

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