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Cool Scrunchies - Q-Max Cool Technology Fabric (set of 3)

Cool Scrunchies - Q-Max Cool Technology Fabric (set of 3)

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COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Octocurl Cool Hair Scrunchies are made of Japanese Q-max >0.3 cool technology fabric which is cool feeling and lightweight. Perforated fabric allows for air flow as well as the soft and stretchy nature of our scrunchies makes them comfortable to wear all day.

VERSATILITY: Our scrunchies come in a set of 3 so they can be worn in many different hairstyles, from ponytails and buns to half-up, half-down styles. Our Q-max technology fabric is gentle, but less slippery than satin.

GENTLE ON STYLED HAIR: Scrunchies are a great choice when putting up styled hair because they don't disrupt waves and curls as much as tighter hair ties. They can help maintain curl definition while securing the hair.

LESS HAIR DAMAGE: Scrunchies are gentle on your hair. They are less likely to cause breakage or damage compared to elastic bands that can snag or pull on your hair.

HAIR PROTECTION AT NIGHT: Scrunchies are a great addition to your nighttime hair care routine. They reduce friction and minimize hair breakage while sleeping. Our Q-max technology fabric is perforated for air flow and cool feeling for more comfort.

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