the best heatless overnight curlers for loose curls and beachy waves how to be comfortable for sleep

How to get overnight curls & actually SLEEP

Here are a few tips to sleep like a baby with Octocurl® overnight curlers!

  1. If you leave the strips hanging down, you can spread them out on your pillow like the photo above.  This will also keep your curls from getting squished since you will essentially be sleeping beneath them rather than on top of them.
  2. Another option is to tuck the strips into the top of the headband or coil them into bantu knots.  This will keep them secure and out of your way while you sleep.
  3. Some women like to use satin sleep bonnets.  This can work great to keep everything in place, however make sure your hair is not overly damp because the bonnet will inhibit air flow and slow down drying time.

Regardless of your method, you will be happy in the morning when all you have to do is some light touch up!  If there is any crimping in the ends, simply dampen slightly with some water.  Keep in mind that since overnight curls give a strong curl set, you can expect them to soften and settle in an hour or so. 💕

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