If you have the time, pop the rollers into damp hair and leave to dry naturally. If time is of the essence, pop them into dry hair, spray with hair spray and leave in for a few minutes. Remove and comb through using your fingers.

Add Volume to Hair Without Using Heat

There are a lot of ways to add volume to hair by using heat.  The tried and true method of turning upside down for a blowout works well to add volume to the roots.  Using a wide barrel curling wand also works to lift the crown area.  But, how can we achieve the same result without using heat?

Here are a few things to try:

  1. Grease is often the main culprit when it comes to flat hair. The natural oils at your crown can trap humidity and dirt which can weigh down hair.  Try using some dry shampoo, which absorbs any excess oil.  Massage it in for the best results.
  2. Don’t over wash hair because that can dry it out and cause an overproduction of hair oils.  Dry hair is more brittle so it won’t be able to achieve the same lift as properly hydrated healthy hair.
  3. An old school method is to use Velcro rollers. By placing three to four Velcro rollers at the crown of your hair, you can create some lift at your roots.  Once the rollers are in, spray with hairspray and allow to completely dry.  Then remove the rollers and gently style to avoid losing the volume created.  Or try the bonus tip below!
  4. An easy way to get instant volume is to switch your hair part. By doing this, gravity takes over and gives your hair a more amplified look.
  5. Put hair up into a scrunchy on the top of your head while you sleep.  This will prevent it from getting flattened as you sleep.
  6. Be careful not to use heavy conditioners or too many serums and products in your hair because that can also weigh it down.
  7. Teasing can be rough on hair, but try using your fingertips to gently tousle the root area.  Surprisingly, this can make a big difference.
  8. Try some sea salt spray, volumizer, or hair spray at the roots only.  Don't overdo it though because as mentioned overusing product can be counterproductive.  But, these can add some thickness and texture to the crown.


  • Section off the crown and clip into place.
  • Place Octocurl and release the crown.
  • Push the headband up slightly to create some lift under the top section.
  • Combine sections from top and bottom and wrap with your method of choice.

This creates some volume in the crown while also protecting the top of your hair from any indentation from the headband.

Creating volume with heatless curlers by pushing the headband into the crown of the hair to create some lift
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