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Drink Water for Healthy Hair

It might not sound obvious, but it makes sense when we think about it... drinking water hydrates our hair from the inside out.  Surprisingly, water makes up about 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair.

Sometimes we think we need a miracle hair styling product, serum, oil, or conditioner to hydrate our hair.  These products can do a great job to seal the moisture into our hair, but they cannot adequately add moisture.

Water hydrates hair strands and allows vitamins and minerals to absorb into the hair follicles.  Dehydration stalls hair growth and leads to brittle hair texture and dry, split ends.

Being properly hydrated also improves the function of the scalp to alleviate dryness, itchiness, and dandruff.  A healthy scalp is vital because it supports healthy hair.

Essentially, drinking enough water allows every system in the body to function properly.  For most of us, 2 quarts of water is enough to allow our overall body to function better which includes hair growth and health from root to end. 

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  - Sip water throughout the day rather than trying to drink full glasses.

  - Toss a slice of cucumber, lemon or lime in your water to infuse it with some flavor.

  - Brew herbal tea and drink it iced or hot to break up the monotony of plain water.

  - Try a marked water bottle to keep track of water consumption.

  - Fill two 1-quart size mason jars with water in the morning and try to make sure they are empty by the end of the day.

So to enhance hair texture, keep the scalp healthy and support hair growth we need ample hydration.  Let's not overlook the benefits of simply drinking more water to improve the health of our hair!  

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