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Natural Hair (using microfiber)
Styling Methods (short & long hair)
Straight Hair (using satin)
Natural Hair (using satin)
Hair Stylist Tips (using cotton poplin)
Long Naturally Wavy Hair (using microfiber)


Take a large section of hair and wrap it around a set of 2 strips in desired direction. hair curlers you can sleep in


Secure the ends of your hair by wrapping the elastic loop around once, pull it out, twist and then wrap it around a second or third time.

overnight hair curlers for healthy hair
How to Wrap Looser Curls

For looser soft natural curls, divide each side of hair into 2 section and wrap each section around 2 sets of strips (4 strips x 4 sections).

no heat curls for natural hair
How to Wrap Tighter Curls

For tighter spiral type curls, take smaller sections of hair and use all 16 strips.

easy heatless hair styles
Options for Securing Strips
  • For loose curls, allow strips to hang freely.
soft comfortable hair curlers for long hair
  • For tighter curls, twist strip once or twice and tuck end into top of headband.
hair styling without the use of heat
  • For tightest curls, twist strip until it coils around itself and then secure the whole bundle with the elastic loop, like a "bantu knot" or "mini bun".
heatless hair curlers for african american hair
Getting Curls to Start Higher up

Section off the crown and clip to secure.  Place Octocurl® as high up as possible like a halo or crown.  Release the crown, combine both sections and wrap hair around strips as usual. 

This method also has the benefit of keeping the headband underneath the top section of hair protecting it from any indentation from the headband.

soft hair curlers you can sleep in
Overnight Curls

Octocurl® is soft and comfortable for overnight use.  Use damp fingers or styling product to smooth crown in the morning.  Or try the "Crown Lift" method which protects the crown while you sleep.

hair rollers that are soft and comfortable
Low - Heat Option

Use a hair dryer (low air to avoid any tangling) to speed drying time if needed.

hair curlers for short hair
Crown Lift Option

Section off the crown and clip into place before placing Octocurl®.  Use the strips with your method of choice with the remaining hair.  Then release the crown and spray hair spray or apply a volumizer to roots and set with soft rollers.

how to keep hair healthy and natural
Beach Waves

Section off and braid the crown.  Then place Octocurl® and braid the rest of your hair with any combination of hair and strips.

how to get beach waves for healthy hair
You will come up with your own styling techniques as you practice and get to know how your hair responds to Octocurl®.
It is a very versatile styling method and a lot of fun to try waves, curls, wraps, bends, twists and braids for different looks.  See the instruction booklet for more detailed tips.  Or check out Instagram and our video playlist on YouTube.