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Overnight Use

Jazzmin R.

Perfect for hair when u sleep. Curl as you sleep.



This is fantastic for curling my daughter's straight hair, and protecting my curly hair for sleep. It's super easy to use, extremely comfortable, and it gives us both hairstyles that we like! My daughter was sick of sleeping in curl formers (which work great, but they're not as comfortable as the Octocurl!), and I like to keep my hair tied up at night.

Compared to some of the sleep bonnets I've worn over the years, this is darn near sexy. It's as comfy as a soft bathrobe (we have the silk one and the microfiber one) and it doesn't feel much different than sleeping with my hair down. This is really brilliant. I'm going to stock up on them!


Jennifer V.

These where easy to put on wear and sleep with. It felt like an extra pillow.


D & Y

I flat ironed my hair and like to have body to it. Lately, I have been twisting my hair in rubber bands to get the body and it has been SO UNCOMFORTABLE TO SLEEP. So in the midst of looking for rollers, I found this and thought I would give it a try. Of course, I got satin since better for hair. I received, twisted my hair around in some shirleys, and wala. the perfect amount of bounce for me!!! LOVE ITTTT!!!!! Now, I just want to see how it turns out for a wet set. Perfect product for me, and VERY simple to use!!! Yaaay!!!!


Chelsea V.

This is probably the quickest and easiest way I have found to wake up and go to work with quick and tamed hair! Other options are too time consuming to take out in the morning.



So easy to use and so much easier/faster than a curling iron! Plus comfortable enough to sleep in.


Michelle L.

New favorite GO-TO! So easy to use. Just wrapped my hair after i showered and went to bed. Second photo is fresh after i woke up and unwrapped my hair. Third photo is taken 10hrs later after a really busy day. Curls remained intact ..WITHOUT hairspray!! Guys, im in love!!



Used this on my niece’s hair. Her hair is very thick and coarse. Worked great!!! She said he didn’t even notice it in while she slept.


Hair Stylists


So I am a hair stylist, and I like to spend the least amount of time styling my hair.

Because I have a TON of it... and for the longest time I have been looking for something to use for my hair where I don’t have to use any heat and something that is low maintenance. If any of you girls are like me and don’t like to have to spend a lot of time on your hair but still want it to look nice, this product is totally for you. It created the BEST CURLS!!! I look like I just curled my whole head with a curling iron when I take it out!

If I were to give one tip, I would say don’t wear this when your hairs wet, it doesn’t look good in the morning at all! But I sleep with my hair dried, wrapped around it and the curls are flawless! It’s so easy, comfortable, and gives the best results! My hair has grown SO MUCH faster, and I barely have any split ends anymore like you would with using hot tools! I am so thrilled with this product!!! This is the best invention!!!


Carolyn S.

Worth every penny! I am a hairstylist and am very picky about how I wear my hair. I HATE split ends, but I love to have styled hair and the Octocurl has made it possible for me to have my cake and eat it too! I have fine, medium thickness hair with a natural subtle wave. In the past I've struggled with no heat curlers because my hair creases so easily and any mistakes in my wrapping process would result in my major creases near my root area or on my ends and it wouldn't be wearable. With the Octocurl it's way easier to get crease-free curls that actually look like a curling iron and not 1950's pin curls.

I do my method slightly different than the directions say. Instead of putting the headband over all of my hair and wrapping it, I section out a small area on the top of my head where my part is and let it lay over the top of the headband while the rest is underneath like usual. I just wrap it like normal, I have a photo of what my method looks like wrapped. Doing it this way keeps my top layer from having any creases and it resembles a curling iron flawlessly! My hair doesn't hold a curl well with a curling iron and I usually have to touch it up daily, which causes split ends and makes it challenging to grow my hair out long. However, if I let my hair dry completely in the Octocurl then my curls will last for days. I wash my hair once every 2-3 days and my curls are just a soft wave by day 3 which is also very pretty. Love it! BUY IT!


Wedding Stylist

Photos are just screenshots of a video review I did earlier on this product. I absolutely loved it. It looked like a fun product to try and I honestly was skeptical at first. I thought it would leave my hair flat and be hard to use. But it was neither of those things!! This is a great product for those not wanting to use direct heat on their hair, and I found once you read the instructions and did a couple of sections it was quite easy to get the hang of. My favorite is the loose curl method which left me with soft touchable curls that lasted all day on my naturally straight and fine hair!



This product really does work.im a hairstylist and didn't actually have much hope for this product but I like it alot I have to always style my hair cuz it's wild but this creates pretty curls without heat. Although I don't have time to let it dry if i wrap it while wet. So when I use it i just put mousse while wet.let it dry then I wrap it dry and hit it w the dryer for few mins & it still curls.




I'm not skilled at doing my hair, I can straighten it and add a few curls at the bottom but that's about it. I decided to try this for an easy everyday style. It took about 10 minutes I sprayed my hair with water and I slept with it "dreadlock style". Everything was dry in the morning and it came out easily. I had nice uniform curls and it looked pretty natural. There's a bit of frizz especially in the back where I slept but I think if I wore a silk cap or used a silk pillowcase I could probably avoid that. It wasn't the most comfortable to sleep in but more comfortable than any other method I have tried and definitely bearable.the worst thing was that my toddler though I looked funny and kept pulling my hair.


Jacob K.

Love the carefree mornings it gives me. Every time I used it, I got a little quicker and it looked a little better.



This is an awesome product. I use it every time I wash my hair. I wrap my hair in it when it's just slightly damp. I don't use the bands at the end. I wrap my hair around one strip, give it a little twist and then pin in up on the top of my head with a bobby pin. I go to sleep and in the morning I have tons of curls. My curls will stay for days until I wet my hair. It's completely comfortable to sleep in. Couldn't ask for anything easier!!



I tried it for first time last night. Super easy and worked awesome!!! I have a curling iron and a wave iron and can never get the in between soft loose curl I want. I did with Octocurl and with no heat!!!



You really have to learn how to use this with your specific hair but after I did I am very happy with it. The curls stay in for multiple days. They fade a bit of course but that just makes it look more natural. I have pretty thick hair with a strong wave underneath and highlights on top. I section my hair off and only wrap the outer part after it’s had twenty minutes or so to air dry, leaving the rest unwrapped. If I try to wrap all my hair it won’t dry all the way overnight and the curls fall out quickly. You could blow dry but I really don’t have the patience for that. And maybe the other best part is that you can actually sleep comfortably in this.


Parav P.

So easy to use! I am terrible at using a curling iron. This took about 5 minutes and I woke up with perfect loose curls. I wish I had bought this sooner.



I loved how octocurl was so simple to use - and the end result was beautiful wavy curls! This makes my hair routine much more manageable.


Natural Hair


This is one of the most unique styling products I've ever worked with. The first time I did it, the only issue I had was keeping the top flat. My natural curl pattern is pretty tight (3B/3C). However, I simply figured out a way to comfortably sit the octocurl on my head to get great results the second time. It gives effortless curls that are super easy to sleep on! I also love the fact that it is satin (purple one)! It protects my hair at night and it allows for beautiful soft curls. This product allows for the curls to set if used properly. It took me about 10-15 minutes to style after getting the hang of it. (Pictures are from best attempt). It is on the pricier side, but I think that it is worth the investment.



I have type 4 hair that’s really thick, and the satin octocurl works great for me. It’s very easy to use, takes less than half an hour, and is comfortable to sleep in, so much so that I don’t even bother trying to sleep in rollers or Flexi rods anymore. It also works great with a little bit of mousse, and can definitely be used with a hooded dryer.


Daisy B.

Fast shipping & very good quality!

If you want to see my method on natural hair check it out on YouTube under “Naturally Daisy”. I got SO many compliments!!

Carolyn has great customer service. I highly recommend this product for natural hair.


Detroit’s Little Miss Sunshine

Oh my goodness!! I am undoubtedly and undeniably absolutely in love with my Satin Octocurl. I have natural hair (non-permed) that reaches my chin in the front, past my shoulders at the sides and at the middle of my back in the rear...basically unintentionally semi- layered hair..lol. I washed and conditioned my hair as usual and then used gel on my moistened hair to help set my hair with the octocurl. I watched one of my favorite youtubers (K.C.) whom initially used the octocurl and just knew that I needed to have this and that it looked super easy. Needless to say, before getting started I kind of had an idea on how to use the item before I purchased it; but, the product also explains how to use the item in detail. If my hair was a longer length I would tried using the item by way of twisting my hair around the hanging pieces that form the octocurl;  but, due to my length and hair density I decided on using the hanging 16 octocurls in sections of 8 to use my hair as a third component in a braid which left me with 8 braids as you may be able to see in the attached picture.

Truly, the creator of this product brilliantly thought of everything because at the top crown of this product there was even an adjustable strap added to the front so that it accomodates different head sizes.  However, one thing I did notice is that my head is smaller than I thought...lol...I let my nieces put on the item to see where the crown set on them and it was perfect but for me, even with the crown adjusted at the tightest settings the item would've still began the braids lower on my head which would've given me flat crown. Oh but don't worry, I had an easy fix since I have an abnormally tiny head...I added bobby pins to the top of my crown to make a way smaller crown so that my braids basically started at the middle of my head to eliminate any crown issue.

Needless to say, I love my hair and so did my hubby, the kids and everyone I encountered this morning...lol...either I need a change from straight hair or my hair is just bomb, but, either way I'm in live and this will be my new healthy hair no heat grow tool. I am beyond certain that my hair is so happy and grateful for the octocurl because I not only needed no heat but my curls are very cute, silky, bouncy, defined, the hairstyle was fast and I needed absolutely no heat. Trust me...this item is needed by any woman with hair on their head. 

This beautifully vibrant product arrived securely packaged and the plastic pouch that the octucurl is housed in is extremely durable and can definitely be used over and over again throughout the life of the octocurl. The item's construction is made of high quality matetials and seems to be indestructible for endless use (I plan to update my review as I use this item in different ways).  Not to mention, as I touched on earlier the product was well thought out and is a nice satin material, someonhow holds a form that bounces back after use, is adjustable at the crown and has the strongest elastics pieces at the end to seal the braid or twist (especially for us individual's who have a little heat damage and our hair refuses to hold a curl at the end). No kidding, this product is your one stop shop solution.

Do yourself a favor and by this item now before it sells out or the cost is raised due to popularity and demand!

Thanks creator of the Octocurl...this is a game changer!

Highlighted Tips:

Buy this item.

Use on wet or dry hair. 

Use heat or no heat.

Depending on whether you want a middle part or side part, rearrange the position of opening to the point of wherever your part begins.

Crown is adjustable but use bobby pins to tighten opening and adjust even more for a smaller head.


A. Devans

Love this product. It's a great styling tool for sleep because they are so soft. I hate rollers because they hurt my head while sleeping. This product gives a cool spin on a twist-out.



It made doing my very thick 3c-4a hair a breeze. Sectioned off 8 sections of hair like instructions said & used Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter and it came out great. It was highly defined, soft and shiny. Your hair will dry faster IF your hair isn’t super thick like mine.


Versatile Styling Methods

Margie M.

I absolutely love this product. I purchased the satin mauve because I have coarse, frizzy, naturally grey hair. I love that there are endless styling options for heatless hairstyles. Loose, natural curls & wave are my favorite but I have also played around with a tighter wavier curl and it was beautiful. I found it very easy to get what I was looking for without the use of damaging heat.

For the loose curls I have in my picture, I spritzed my hair with some light hold hair product and took large sections and wrapped them around 2 each and carefully secured the elastic so that my ends would not get crimped and went to bed. I found it comfortable to sleep in, it stayed in place all night, and when I woke up in the morning and released my hair I had beautiful loose waves that lasted all day and without any weird lines or crimps in my hair.

I'm so happy I found the Octocurl. It has completely changed my hair game and would highly recommend and encourage you give it a try and I hope you find this review helpful.



tight spiral if used singly - bigger curls if doubled. need hair mostly dry or will still be wet in morning



I absolutely love Octocurl. I have been searching for a no heat curler for over 15 years. This allows so much flexibility. You can curl your hair, do hollywood waves (like my photo), and so much more! I’m a pretty light sleeper, but these did not bother me, and the results are spectacular. I bought the purple satin ones because I was afraid that the microfiber would frizz my hair. It only takes 5-10 minutes in the evening to do!!! Love it!!!



I've been pin curling my hair every few days, and it usually takes an hour plus, and that's with practice. Plus, pincurls are not exactly comfortable to slip in, but with the Octocurl, it only takes me about 15 minutes to set my hair. It's comfortable enough to sleep in, much more comfortable than pin curls and my Curlforms. What's more, the curls are stunning; they look very natural; they're not uniform like with the Curlforms, which I appreciate. I also appreciate that the microfiber helps protect my hair and with thick hair like mine, it's helpful that it absorbs moisture, so my hair is dry in the morning. This is a great product. Well worth the money.


Sarah G.

Seriously best curlers I've ever used! And I have tried them all! Genius.


Jessica D.

Yall. I never review products but I just had to for this product. This thing is amazing! You see the results! I needed a no heat option for curls and this thing delivered! I did have to adjust a time or two while I slept and my ends weren't perfect but I think that's a learning curve thing. I read the previous reviews and put the band under the top layer of my hair so I didn't have a crease... that was great advice! Buy it! You won't be disappointed!



These are the best no-heat curlers I’ve ever used! If your hair gets too curly using them with wet hair, try using dry hair!


Busy Moms

Mom from Rhode Island

I never write reviews but I love this! Follow the directions and try it a few times to get the hang of it. I have 2 small children and the Octocurl allows me to curl my hair while sitting down or moving around. In the mornings, I take the Octocurl out of my hair with one hand, while I feed the baby with the other hand. Pretty much, it allows me to multitask, it's comfortable to sleep in, and it keeps me from frying my hair out with hot tools.

How to use: Following the directions for different types of curls. I have thick, course, wavy hair so curling when your hair is damp or dry is essential. I also put curling cream and sea salt spray in my hair ( when wet) before allowing my hair to dry and using the Octocurl. I only wash my hair once or twice a week. I just rewrap/reuse the Octocurl each additional night I do not wash my hair for next day curls.


Giving Up Curling Iron


Absolutely thrilled to have found this product! I have been curling my hair for years and my latest obsession with a popular curling iron left my hair damaged and breaking. When I found this I was skeptical but decided to give it a shot, and I am so happy I did! I started with lightly damp hair and wanted to do a loose curl look so I wrapped each strand of hair around 2 strips and did some work around the house for an hour. When I took the strips out I couldn’t believe how my hair looked. It looks better than when I used the beachwaver.

I do have very fine, straight, and thin hair so my hair was slipping out of the bands, but I just used some of my own hair bands to keep it in place. Also my hair was too short to use the whole strip, but the directions in the manual were great and indicated to just bend the strip then tie to your hair. Although these curls were a little too tight for me, I am so pleased because I know it works— next time I will wrap them not as tightly! Also the manual comes with so many looks to choose from. Overall it’s a great product and idea, I truly recommend it!!

**update** I’ve been using this for over a week since I got it, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to my morning routine and hair. The waves stay throughout the day, I couldn’t be happier!



This was a great way to curl my hair overnight. It was pretty easy to use and I feel like it will get easier the more I use it. I do not like using curling irons because they take too much time and I always mess it up. I did the Princess Leia method and the curls came out just how I wanted them! Would definitely recommend!!



I have damaged hair so I try not to use heat on it but it is hard to get pretty curls without heat. I have tried so many types of curlers and methods but this one is the best. It's soft enough to sleep on comfortably and it doesn't take that long to use. I spray my dry hair a little with some water mixed with some leave in conditioner and then wrap my hair around the pieces. Then I sit in it for about an hour. At first it might look a little less than perfect but after a little bit it looks amazing as if I used a curling wand and the curls really last. Glad I found this.


Lindsey H.

If you love your hair, throw away your curling wand and go buy the Octocurl on Amazon. It literally changed my life! No heat, microfiber headband with 8 strips to wrap your hair around...let your hair air dry until damp, then twist it around each of the strips, tie at the ends, and blow dry on low for a few minutes. These curls are perfect and it didn’t damage my hair or burn my face!


Long Hair

Mandi R.

I am absolutely amazed by this product. I have insanely long hair and I worried that this wouldn’t work for me. But wow, was I surprised. It was easy to wrap my hair and super comfy to hang out in while my hair finished drying. I kept my sections small and wound them as tight as I could. 2 hours later and a quick once over with the blow dryer.... BAM! Beautiful, flawless curls! I went over a few spots with a wand to style the way I wanted, but I can’t find anything to complain about. The band wasn’t too tight. The ends were simple to secure. Everyone should own one of these!



It actually works! I'm really shocked! I have long hair that comes below my butt and a toddler who loves my attention. I can do this in a bout 10 minutes with no hassle and it comes out looking great the next day. Recommending to my girlfriends!


Masuimi M.

 I love the octocurl sleep rollers I bought on Amazon, so comfy and easy to use with my claws. I didn't think I'd be able to sleep but it felt like a pillow.



Super easy to use and worked Pete you in my daughters LONG THICK hair!! Would

Highly recommend to anyone with daughters, doesn’t damage hair and create perfect beach waves!!!


Use With Hair Dryer 


First, the material is very soft and not at all uncomfortable. I blowdried my hair until it was slightly damp and then put the product on. I left it on for about four hours and then used a little low heat to dry. The results were amazing. I wanted to try this way before sleeping with it. I can try that next time. 😊


Newest IG

I loved using the octocurl and will definitely keep this in my tool kit. I got the satin one so it took my hair a little longer to dry than I thought it would but I just used a blow dryer on low heat to get my roots dried and it came out great!



After several uses of this fantastic device, I can confidently recommend it to anyone who's looking for a low-heat, low-maintenance styling tool. I had originally purchased this to sleep in, as I shower at night, but it's hard enough for me to fall asleep without a big microfiber thing on my head, so my preferred method now is to wear this around the house for a few hours in the evening and blow-dry my hair on low until it's about 90% dry.


Focus on Hair Health

Veronica, Colorada

Love this look, and helped me grow my hair by achieving the curls I wanted without heat.



This could finally be my solution for having some style in my very fine, flat hair every day - without the damage from curlers..

I read a lot of reviews to find ways around some of the obstacles, like placing the top over my hair to avoid a mark on my go read. And I separated the crown hair and tied it in from over the top, to avoid kinks in my hair.

It was very comfortable, I slept like a baby.. and the curls are the best I’ve been able to get, ever. I still need to practice a bit because some of my hairs were getting stuck, but that was user error.

 All in all I highly recommend them!



I have thick, baby fine hair and this product has been the best no-heat method I’ve tried for seamless waves/curls. Love!! 😺



Amazing!! I have beautiful natural curls but they get squished when I sleep and I prefer taking a bath at night. So this is my new solution. I had a few concerns:

1. I get migraines almost every time I wear headbands for a long period of time...

Well, this product has a seriously magical way of distributing the weight of your hair to make your head feel weightless. Then, once your hair is in place it stabilizes the headband so you can adjust the front piece to where there is no pressure on your head whatsoever.

2. I need my sleeeep!!! Being very pregnant it's no joke. Good news, I slept great... Like there were not curlers in my hair. One or two pieces were pressed against my face while I was able to put all the others towards the back. If you know you're going to sleep on your hair then make sure you don't use product that can clog your pores.

The best thing ever was the comments from my husband. I went to sleep after he did and he was very surprised to see me in the morning to say the least🤣 he was laughing so hard and these are the things I got called:


White Rastafarian

90s backup dancer

So yeah, lol... I highly suggest all ladies go to bed after your husbands when you wear this for the first time.

I haven't had the microfiber version of this, but the satin is so wonderful specially to sleep on.

Fyi..All I did was take the curls out and tousle them..no product. I section my hair into big chunks. Love the results!



This is what I was trying to invent on my own !! Does not make as uniform round curls as roller type products but that’s fine. It gives a more casual look. You don’t have to bend something and roll it onto the top of your head for it to stay. You just roll your hair around a piece or twist your hair first if you wanted to and then use the elastic loops at the bottom to secure your hair. ( Make sure as with any of these that the ends of your hair are curled around by either starting from the ends and making sure they are covered by your hair or using end papers to avoid “fish hooks”).

You can choose one or more pieces for different sized curls. You can also put a long tube roller next to one of the cloth “legs” and wrap both together and use the bottom attached elastic to secure. I slept in these by placing a silk cap around them and they stayed in place as I gently pulled them all back and carefully put the cap over. I have slighly below shoulder length hair.

One thing I have not done yet is keep the band around my head as I feared getting a ridge. So I kept the band on the top of my head and parted my (frizzy) hair opposite of my normal part. During the day the weight of the fabric and hair keeps it in place although you could add a bobby pin. By parting my hair on the opposite side as normal I could then brush it over when I took it all out to have a smooth top. My hair was severely damaged by a top-rated salon including a chemical burn and infection to my scalp so I am not blow drying for the foreseeable future...


munchkin mama

Oh my goodness this was the most awesome purchase ever! I watched the YouTube tutorial on their website one time, and followed her directions exactly, and woke up with the most beautiful soft curls. I love the different choices you could do of curls and how I don’t have to damage my hair anymore with hot curling irons. I want to buy one of these for all of my girlfriends as a must have.


Customer Support


I’ve been using the Octocurl for a few months now on my medium-long, fine, healthy, shiny, poker-straight hair. I’m so glad I decided to try this. I love how easy it is to use, and how quickly I can get my hair set with this product.

The Octocurl is versatile: different setting techniques will give different results. Sometimes I simply braid my hair into the Octocurl strips and leave it for a couple hours, just to give a little body and wave. Beautiful spiral curls can also be achieved with a bit of product applied for smoothing and hold, and carefully wrapping combed sections around the strips. My hair needs about four to six hours to set spiral curls from lightly damp hair.

The Octocurl is very comfortable to sleep in, and unlike some other products, doesn’t cause the hair from the “pillow side” to kink, frizz, or curl in a different shape.

I initially had some questions about using the Octocurl so I contacted the company through the email provided. I received a prompt, friendly, helpful response from the owner / creator, Carolyn. She really stands behind her product and cares about customer satisfaction.



Excellent seller. The product is amazing and so is the seller! I would not hesitate to purchase from this seller again.



I purchased the very first model being made of microfiber. All I can say is that the woman that created this is absolutely brilliant and it works tremendously. I was able to locate her on her website, and was able to email back-and-forth with her.